Berlin Baugruppen

berlin baugruppen

// Spring 2016

// Partner: Adela Locsin

A "Baugruppen" is a typical housing style typical of Berlin, in which a group of people come together to build an apartment complex suited for their needs and interests. The Baugruppen we have created aims to become a place to foster a community and a space for the exchange of ideas. Programmed with 6 apartment units that can house 16-21 residents and two cinemas, the site is meant to be shared equally by its residents and those who pass through.

We split our massing into two volumes to preserve an existing path connecting the street to a playground located behind the site; this also made for a differentiation of public and private outdoor space. The street-facing public space serves as an urban square that is made to be an extension of the public cinema lobby, and the rear-facing green space is a lush garden that is more secluded. These two spaces are connected by a “squeeze,” similar to the tightly-proportioned Venetian streets in between large squares.

The two volumes contain both public and private spaces. The taller, slimmer building, which shares a parti wall with another residential building, holds 4 apartment units, office spaces for the cinema administration, and a large workshop space meant for both the public and residents. Influenced by the cinema elements onsite, the workshop is a lofty space where filmmakers can give presentations and talks to students or media enthusiasts. The workshop space connects underground to the traditionally proportioned cinema, which lies underneath the square and the other volume.

The shorter building also houses a lobby and café, a more informal dinner cinema, a bar, 2 apartment units, and a publicly accessible rooftop terrace. Residents also have access to shared program: a media library and a film screening room, which are connected by a glass walkway in between the two buildings. The walkway is occupiable, with a deck for summer, and overlooks the gardens.